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    We are the number one energy service provider for charities putting you at the heart of our offering and providing you with numerous benefits including:

    • Best rates – we will not be beaten.
    • Best service – friendly, personal, honest.
    • Bill validation – for the first 6 months we will ensure that you only receive accurate invoices.
    • Free delivery on your PPE – get 6 months free delivery of all your PPE from HBG.
    • Free work number diverted to your mobile phone for 3 months.
    • Create a regular, repeat revenue stream for your charity through helping your team and supporters cut their own home energy bills.

    A company you can trust

    With more than 20 years experience supporting and advising charities and over 18 years experience in energy, we are the go-to service provider for all your energy needs.

    Click here to contact us or call 08001953020

    Energy can be an evil necessity that is confusing and complicated, distracting you from running your business, and not knowing if you are getting a good deal or not.

    We can take that hassle away from you through providing you with a jargon-free service and the best deal in the market from our approved energy suppliers.

    Whether you are a small, medium, or large charity / business, we have the expertise to assist and guide you through the procurement process easily and efficiently.

    Remember, we thrive on helping businesses like yours so we will not be beaten on price.

    Not only this, we also then provide a range of other benefits specifically tailored for you and your business.

    Click here to contact us or call 08001953020

    • Free Bill Validation

    One in five business energy bills contain mistakes, from incorrect rates to meter reading errors.  This costs Britain’s businesses around £500 million on their energy bills due to errors or inaccuracies across the supply chain.

    We provide, completely free of charge for your first 6 months with us, a bill validation service which ensures that you are only receive accurate invoices and are therefore charged what you should be charged by the energy supplier.

    • Free Delivery of your PPE

    If you are already receiving your PPE from Healthcare Buying Group then, if you switch your gas and electricity through HCBG Utilities, you will receive delivery of your PPE free of charge for your first 6 months.


    We are the number one energy service provider for Britain’s Charities because we care.

    Help us to help you.

    Click here to contact us or call 08001953020

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