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Vinyl PF Gloves (100 pieces) Extra Large


100 Vinyl PF Gloves ,Medium, Large (Poweder Free). Allow protections for germs, bacteria and other harmful substances


  • Vinyl PF Gloves are an alternative to latex glove but still allow protections for germs, bacteria and other harmful substances whilst also having a wide variety of uses.
  • Ideal for many uses including cleaning, gardening, pet care, food prep, and other home and office tasks. Simply provide great protection and comfort.
  • Vinyl gloves and many industries can benefit from their use for the protection of hands and reduce the contamination of products. Medical tasks, food handling, chemical and oil industries and painting tasks can benefit from the use of vinyl gloves.
  •  Vinyl is a synthetic, non-bio-degradable, protein-free material made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and plasticisers. Since vinyl gloves are synthetic and non-biodegradable, they have a longer shelf life than latex gloves, which often start to break down over time.
  • There are 100 Vinyl PF Gloves in each box

Additional information

Weight 0.898 kg
Dimensions 215 × 125 × 120 cm

Large, Medium

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