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HeartSine 350P Defibrillator (350-BAS-XX-10)


Carry Case 1x Adult Pad-Pak

Defibrillator with CPR metronome coach. This device has a simple two button operation and provides both visual and voice prompts throughout the process of heart analysis and defibrillation.


Once the electrodes are placed on the patient as instructed, it will automatically analyse the heart and determine whether a shock is advised. If a shock is required, the rescuer/s are instructed to stand clear and press the shock button for shock delivery. Please note, if the defibrillator determines that no shock is advised, you will not be able to inadvertently shock the patient as the machine will prevent you from doing so.

The metronome coach will then assist the rescuer to perform the correct rate of chest compressions. Features & benefits: 10 year warranty. Small and compact. UK manufactured. Lightweight – just 1.1kg. IP56- highest industry protection against dust and water. Drop tested 100cm. FOC soft touch tough carry case included. Low maintenance – just ond padpak (battery and electrode combined in one cartridge) to be replaced every four years or following use of the device.

Contains: 1 PAD-Pak (combined battery & electrode cartridge) – 3.5yr shelf time from DoM, Carry Case (Yellow/Blue), USB Data Port, User Manual, Quick Reference Card.

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