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CBG Telecom will expertly navigate you through the decision making process for choosing a new telephone system. We pride ourselves on delivering a vendor agnostic, consultative recommendation process that is focused on what is right for your business.

CBG Telecom ensures your needs aren’t prejudged and only recommend a solution once we have examined your requirements closely. Whether your organisation’s needs match an on-site, cloud or hosted PBX, we will draw upon over 35 years of industry experience to explain the benefits of each.

Our consultants, engineers and project managers ensure your telephone system is designed, installed and maintained to specification. Throughout the install process, you are provided with direct contact to your project manager, who plans the installation of the telephone system and, making use of CBG Telecom’s direct relationship with BT Openreach, ensures the installation of the PBX is synchronised with that of the BT lines.


CBG has teamed up with One Access and  a global leader in SIP technology, to bring you One700 Multi Service Access Router, an Integrated Voice and Data Manager.

One700 is a one box solution for unified voice and data services, offering customers  the ultimate in voice service agility: supporting, adding value and managing every service combination on the migration from TDM voice, through IP voice, to hosted or cloud based services.

Simply put, this little box of tricks can make legacy systems operate as though you have upgraded and installed the latest hi-tech, cloud based technology. You will  be able to save thousands of pounds.

Contact us today for more information about this new addition to our range of products and services. We’ll send you a full-spec data sheet explaining how it works and how you can make enormous savings while keeping your original equipment investment intact.

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