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CBG Telecom’s fixed line products make sure your business is connected to your customers with the immediate support and technical advice you need, backed up by an unparalleled service level agreement.

At CBG, we know that our customers want value for money, and excellent service, but we also know that no two organisations are the same and therefore require flexibility. Subsequently, our business lines and calls packages have been designed with these elements in mind.


  • Reduce Costs : SIP trunking can save on call costs, line rental charges, business continuity and calling and network features in comparison to using a traditional fixed line service.
  • Number Flexibility: Have you ever been unable to take your number to your new office? With our SIP trunks, this wouldn’t be a problem as you can use area codes from anywhere in the UK and point your non-geographic number to your SIP service.
  • Fraud Prevention: The cost of telecoms in an ever increasing figure, with our SIP trunking services you can protect your business with multiple fraud prevention methods.
  • Peace of mind: With CBG SIP we can provide automatic failover to your other sites, the ideal solution in the event of a disaster or unforeseen event such as an office power cut to keep your business running smoothly.

Why CBG for lines and calls?

  • FREE transfers and Installations*
  • 24/7 UK Customer Support
  • Inclusive minute call bundles
  • Flexible Business Continuity options to suit your needs
  • Access to online reporting and cost centre billing

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