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The Healthcare Buying Group is a website setup to help all our members and provide a range of essential services. We have over 100 years experience providing to the Healthcare industries.

We specialise in PPE and other cleaning products. We use are buying power to make sure that our members are getting competitive prices for quality products.

Our Members are from all parts of the healthcare industries from Doctors to Care Homes to Veterinary. We understand that making sure Healthcare professionals have the equipment they need is of the utmost importance to make sure they can care for their patients properly.

In these troublesome times it is not just the patients that need protection but also the Healthcare professionals themselves and we hear to help will all PPE needs.

Our Membership is completely free to join click here to join or get more information.


These are all benefiting from our purchasing expertise, the numbers of new members grows every day.

This service is available to all Healthcare professionals free of charge; as we do not believe that organisations should pay for buying advice.

If you wish us to manage your procurement function then naturally fees will apply as this would cost us to provide.

Members are not committed to use any of our agreements, however all we ask is that you maintain commercial confidentiality of the information you receive and have a willingness to participate in financial saving exercises that benefit your organisation.

Irrespective of the size of your organisation you will make realistic costs savings on expenditure, hundreds of organisations are already enjoying reduced costs. What else can we say!!

Suppliers who have a true commitment are welcomed as potential suppliers; however they must be able to demonstrate price, quality, after-sales service and a pro-active approach to working with the HBG.

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