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provides a dedicated service for ALL our membersoffers great savings through its large buying power

We offer a wide range of buying agreements that are designed to reduce expenditure for healthcares organisations, thereby enabling you to invest more in the missions/objectives you are passionate about.

Why join the Healthcare Buying Group Membership Programme?
#1 It's free to be a member
#2 You have all the benefits of a large buying power
#3 You save money
#4 You have more money to invest in your cause

Our services

Saving Audit

Controlling a businesses finances means meticulous tracking. Funds are sparse and each penny has a designated purpose. As the businesses profits — along with your budget — begin to grow, it becomes a challenge to track spending, especially across multiple departments or locations. We provide a service that allows you to have a better understanding of your financial situation and the best ways to cut cost and save money.

Purchasing Consultancy

A daunting problem facing businesses large and small, and one which affects the decision to outsource, is where to find competent purchasing consultants and how to be certain the right choice is made.  Many large ‘accounting/consulting’ houses are often long on titles but short on specific procurement expertise. With our research and contacts, we will provide you with the best Purchasing Consultancy for your business and your specific need.

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